Wastewater and Sewage Treatment



  • Fine Bubble Membrane Disc Aeration System
  • Fine Bubble Ceramic Disc Aeration System
  •  Wastewater and Sewage Treatment
  • Coarse Bubble Water Aeration System
  •  Wastewater and Sewage Treatment
  • Aeration System Pressure Monitoring System


Aquarius provides cost-effective solutions to sewage and wastewater problems with our innovative Water Aeration and Wastewater Treatment Systems. When Aquarius equipment is considered for a water filtration project, our dedicated professionals begin the task of working with the customer to tailor a custom solution drawing on a combined three centuries of experience.

Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plant Design

Current waste water treatment technologies include the following components:

  • Fine Bubble Disc Aeration Systems
  • In Place Fine Bubble Diffuser Cleaning Systems and System Pressure Monitoring
  • Coarse Bubble Aeration Systems
  • Patented Sludge Reduction Process
  • Complete Factory or Field Erected Activated Sludge Treatment Plants