Aquarius Provides Simple Solutions to Tightening Septic System Regulations

Septic Systems

As septic systems come under regulatory scrutiny by a growing number of states and the EPA, one company is offering simple, cost-effective solutions to replace them. Aquarius Technologies offers the Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System, which is helping single systems and small communities to manage organic removal, nitrification, denitrification, and dramatically reduce sludge production.

For over 130 years, septic systems have been used for wastewater treatment in areas where traditional infrastructure for treating wastewater is cost-prohibitive or unavailable. They’re also quite common in densely populated urban areas of the U.S. Many of these aging systems are failing and leaching wastewater into waterways and aquifers, putting drinking water at risk.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 26.1 million homes are served by septic tanks. The EPA estimates 40% of them don’t function properly and are dumping hundreds of millions of gallons of raw, untreated wastewater and other toxic materials into the ground. It claims that leaking, malfunctioning, and worn-out septic tanks are responsible for most of the groundwater pollution in the U.S. today.

Aquarius is doing its part to provide a simple treatment solution to upgrade or replace small community or larger single-system wastewater flows. Our Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System uses a proprietary plug flow process with multiple stages to progressively, biologically treat wastewater. Each treatment stage utilizes stationary biofilm media and creates a unique environment for developing different microbial populations. Successive stages of biofilm media create separate microbial living conditions and food sources within the process, resulting in a highly effective food chain.

According to the EPA, sludge removal and disposal may consume as much as 40% to 60% of the average wastewater treatment facility’s operating costs. But an attached growth biofilm system like Nebula can be designed to reduce sludge by up to 80%.

Aquarius works with customers to customize the system to meet their needs. This begins with kinetic modeling to assure treatment objective compliance. Single-basin systems can be designed for ease of maintenance, with all equipment accessible from the top of the basin. This includes retrievable fine/coarse bubble diffusers attached to the media racks and submersible pumps.

“Water is and will continue to be our most precious resource,” says Aquarius President Deborah LaVelle. “We cannot turn a blind eye to any legacy wastewater treatment methods that may put the future of our children and our environment at risk. We must weigh the cost of addressing potential health hazards and recognize the true costs associated with aging septic tanks and systems versus the cleanup of environmental damage if we don’t take action.”

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