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Avoid These Common Side Effects Of Suspended Growth Wastewater Treatment Systems

Avoid Side Effects

Suspended growth wastewater treatment may be the most common form of biological wastewater treatment in use today, but it’s far from the most efficient. Here are some common side effects that you ought to be aware of when you’re considering investing in biofilm-based wastewater treatment, and how attached growth systems (AGS) compare: Large volume of […]

Are Sludge Management Costs Eating Your Biological Wastewater Treatment Program Alive?

Sludge Management

In the classic science fiction film, The Blob, a meteorite containing an amoeba-like alien lands near a small town. It soon escapes from its rocky prison and begins consuming everything in its path. As it does so, it grows larger and more menacing. It appears to be unstoppable. For many wastewater treatment plant managers and […]

How A Perfect Storm Is Accelerating The Growth Of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

Perfect Storm

Thanks to a confluence of demographic trends, decaying underground infrastructure and advances in wastewater treatment technology, decentralized wastewater treatment is booming like never before. Decentralized wastewater systems convey, treat and dispose or reuse municipal and industrial wastewater from small communities and industrial facilities. Instead of being piped to a large, centralized treatment plant, wastewater is […]

Don’t Tolerate Inefficient Wastewater Treatment Methods In 2018

wastewater treatments that waste money

As wastewater treatment regulations continue to get more restrictive, plant superintendents can’t afford to make costly mistakes. They must carefully consider which biological treatment technology to invest in. A number of these solutions – suspended growth treatment, membrane bioreactors and various configurations of moving bed biofilm reactors – have limitations, which may only become apparent […]

Nebula MultiStage – Less Sludge Means Lower Operating Costs

Less Sludge Lower Costs

Processing, handling and disposal of sludge from biological wastewater treatment processes was something you thought you had to live with. Not any longer. Nebula™ MultiStage Biofilm Process designed to reduce sludge production up to 80% From waste-activated sludge pumping, digestion, thickening and storage to hauling, disposal and filing regulatory paperwork, sludge management is costly. According […]