Aquarius Provides Custom, Retrievable Aeration Systems

Retrievable Aeration System

One of the advantages of working with a smaller U.S.-based provider like Aquarius Technologies is its ability to tailor solutions to your needs. A case in point is an industrial plant that required an aeration system that would be easy to service.

Aquarius routinely provides fine-bubble retrievable aeration grids for both industrial and municipal applications. However, some industrial wastewater contains constituents that are not compatible with EPDM membranes, or the combination of high-process water and blower discharge temperatures make the use of PVC piping impractical.

This was the case for one such customer with a circular basin over 90 feet in diameter and operating depth of over 26 feet. Aquarius was given the opportunity to work closely with the consultant for the customer to provide retrievable coarse bubble aeration grids.

To meet this challenge, a structural evaluation of the lifting frame was performed to accommodate the additional weight of an all-stainless steel aeration system and the depth of the tank. The design resulted in an installation of six aeration grids within the tank.

All aeration system components and lifting mechanism were constructed of 304/304L stainless steel. An epoxy-coated carbon steel frame was designed and provided for support of the aeration system and ballast.

Testing for retrievability of the units was conducted at the time of start-up to assure the all objectives of the design engineer and customer were met. The equipment is currently installed and operating.

Retrievable aeration grids are becoming more popular for industrial wastewater treatment. They enable plant operators to lift out one section of the grid to clean its diffusers and replace any damaged ones while the rest of the system continues to operate. This eliminates the need to dewater the basin and greatly simplifies its service requirements compared to a fixed aeration system. Retrievable grids are also essential for plants that rely on a single basin for treatment.

In short, a well-designed retrievable aeration system can be removed, cleaned, and serviced in a matter of hours instead of days, with much less labor than a fixed aeration system.

Aquarius builds retrievable aeration systems to meet each customer’s specific application. Fine-bubble membrane aeration systems are constructed from PVC and coarse-bubble systems from stainless steel. Coarse-bubble rigid platforms can be constructed of epoxy-coated carbon steel or reinforced concrete beams.

In addition, in industrial plants where the Aquarius’ Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System is a treatment option, the retrievable media racks and diffusers are designed for installation as integrated modular assembles for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

If your facility is facing similar challenges, please contact us to discuss how a removable aeration system can simplify your cleaning and maintenance needs.

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