2019 WEFTEC Conference and Exhibition in Review

WEFTEC 2019 Review

The final registration numbers have been tallied: The 2019 WEFTEC Conference and Exhibition drew 22,688 registrants and a total of 992 exhibitors.

For Aquarius, the show was a definite success. For those of you who visited our booth – thank you!

Our simple solutions attracted so much attention during the show that our booth staff worked non-stop answering questions about the capabilities of our Quantaer® diffused aeration and Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm systems. If you were unable to attend the show or didn’t get a chance to visit our booth, here are some highlights.

Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System

Aq1 Sumo

Our AQ1 SUMO predictive modeling program for our Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System was on display. The addition of predation to our existing kinetic model allows us to mathematically and visually explain the mystery of sludge minimization.

We also displayed our biofilm media rack with a combined aeration system, which offers ease of installation, stackable cube design and retrievability. These features were well received and kept our product expert extremely busy during the show.

The combination of predictive kinetic modeling and enhanced operational and maintenance features is a key reason why the Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm System is an accepted solution for both industrial and municipal applications.

Retrievable Aeration Grids

Retrievable Aeration Grids
Western Riverside CA Retrievable FBM System

We also showcased our custom-designed retrievable aeration grids for municipal and industrial customers. Working closely with customers and engineers has been critical to meeting the needs of the complex applications where these retrievable grids are used.

Quantaer® Fine Bubble Aeration System

Attendee interest in the Quantaer® fine bubble membrane and ceramic diffused aeration was high. Aquarius remains a favorite in municipal applications and continues to gain a reputation for reliability and performance in industrial applications, too.

We also displayed a video that stressed our focus on U.S. manufactured and sourced products, the importance of solvent welded holders and ultrasonic staking to air distributors. This multimedia presentation clearly demonstrated why all diffusers are NOT created equal.

Quantaer Fine Bubble Aeration System

Solutions Made Simple

Thanks again to those of you who visited us at the show. It’s always great to put names with faces. We look forward to working with you on projects where our products are the right choice for your needs.

If you missed coming to WEFTEC or our booth, our product information is available on our website at www.aquariustechnologies.com under the Resource or News tabs.

If you have any questions or needs for a specific application, contact us at 262-268-1500.

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