Diffused Aeration Systems – More Than Just A Commodity

Price Is What You Pay Quote

Consider Diffused Aeration Systems… being competitive is more than PRICE. Being competitive is about influencing the Owner, Engineer and method of procurement. However, too often the belief that customers are only looking for the cheapest possible price forces commodity thinking.

What is the definition of a “Commodity”? It is a type of widely-available product that is not markedly dissimilar from one unit to another. A product that lacks a unique selling point. Now name one diffused aeration system supplier that is a commodity?

Think about it: If price were all that mattered, there would only be one brand of everything – the cheapest brand. And there would only be one place to buy it – the cheapest place. Thousands of businesses wouldn’t even exist.

Which unit process in a Wastewater Treatment System has the greatest impact on performance – operations and effluent objectives? Many believe this unit process is commonly referred to as a Diffused Aeration System as a commodity and driven only by PRICE, PRICE, PRICE!

Too many Salespeople, Engineers, Customers and even business owners labor under the belief that customers are only looking for the cheapest possible price on everything. Therefore, they undervalue what they sell, discount when they shouldn’t, and needlessly throw away value added support. This type of thinking has caused well-known and once quality system providers to become the “cheapest” brands at the cost of quality and service. And so, the downward spiral in pricing continues.

Price is NOT the only thing that matters to buyers. It is a factor, but not the only one. Customers base their buying decisions on quality, service, delivery schedule, reliability, durability, ease of use and experience.

If we are willing to address the commodity mindset regarding diffused aeration systems, we can sell the additional value that the Aquarius Aeration System provides.

Remember – Aquarius Diffused Aeration Systems are quality made in the United States of America and our company employs American workers. We refuse to allow our solutions to become a commodity and will continue to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations!

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