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What is Your Wastewater Treatment System’s Achilles’ Heel?

Achilles Heel

How efficient is your existing wastewater treatment system? If it’s like many municipalities, it’s under stress from the growth of your community and local industries, which are causing a steady increase water flow and loadings. At the same time, you’re trying to contain operating costs and deal with the challenges of aging process equipment. Plus, […]

Not All Diffused Aeration Systems Are Created Equal

Not Equal

Diffused aeration systems used in municipal water treatment facilities are a little bit like cars – they are not all equal – in price, performance or reliability. An inexpensive Ford Fiesta is certainly not the same as a Honda Accord, despite the fact they can both get you from point A to B. Many people […]

Nebula MultiStage – Less Sludge Means Lower Operating Costs

Less Sludge Lower Costs

Processing, handling and disposal of sludge from biological wastewater treatment processes was something you thought you had to live with. Not any longer. Nebula® MultiStage Biofilm Process designed to reduce sludge production up to 80% From waste-activated sludge pumping, digestion, thickening and storage to hauling, disposal and filing regulatory paperwork, sludge management is costly. According […]

Attached Growth Biological Process – Wastewater Treatment


As regulations governing the treatment of wastewater treatment facilities continue to change, owners need a biological treatment process that is flexible. Increasingly, multiple forms of secondary treatment are needed to meet ever changing discharge limits and today’s high standards. A secondary treatment option gaining popularity is the attached growth process where media is used to […]

Diffused Aeration Systems – More Than Just A Commodity

Price Is What You Pay Quote

Consider Diffused Aeration Systems… being competitive is more than PRICE. Being competitive is about influencing the Owner, Engineer and method of procurement. However, too often the belief that customers are only looking for the cheapest possible price forces commodity thinking. What is the definition of a “Commodity”? It is a type of widely-available product that […]